Friday, June 5, 2009


I experienced a similar reaction when I attempted to explain my new venture to a good friend of mine whom I shall refer to as Chocolate. In the midst of a friendly phone conversation the other day I thought to mention: "Oh by the way, I have a blog now."

Chocolate: ". . . you have a blog."

Me: "Yeah my friend and I are doing it together, it's called Cats in Petticoats."

Chocolate: ". . . wow . . . that's . . . wow."

Me: "Well it's not strictly about Cats in Petticoats, it's kind of an obscure and complicated metaphor for a variety of things. Things that are hilariously wrong, or seem to be insanely unnecessary and perverse, or the pathos of trying to be what one is not. All tied together with the motif of cats in fancy dress."

Chocolate: ". . . seriously?"

Me: "Oh come on! You know if I'm doing it it's going to be funny."

Chocolate: "(heavy sigh) Fine. Give me the link."

I ended up having this same conversation numerous times with different people almost verbatim. The only people who offered different reactions were those who were either disappointed that it was not a website devoted solely to images of cats in costume or those that simply stared silently in complete and utter incomprehension. Apparently this is a slightly tougher sell than originally anticipated. We might need to resort to a photo shoot of kittens attending a cotillion in formal wear to boost readership. What's the return policy on 12-packs of kittens?

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  1. "I can't believe I'm visiting your blog with hopes of another installment. I think the only thing that your blog and dolled-up cats have in common is that they're both addictive."

    You guys SUCK!