Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let the revolution begin!

In the inaugural posting for Cats in Petticoats I feel that we must make our mission statement clear. We are dedicated to acknowledging the delicious wrongness of dressing cats in elaborate Victorian couture and other costume regalia, as well as providing a voice for those who have a secret proclivity for such. Be ashamed no longer my brethren, for we shall be a proud unwavering presence regardless of the disdain or ambivalence of the masses. No longer shall we be forced into back alleys re-purposing old doll clothes and lampshades! We're here, we're into cats in ridiculous clothes, and we're not going anywhere!
We also will be tackling various social issues, whining about the minutia of our lives, making humorous observations about random nonsense that no one else thinks is funny, and occasionally even donning capes and tights to fight crime on the side(but only on alternate Tuesdays, we do have lives . . . sort of) So stay tuned! Who knows what magical adventures we'll have!
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anyone maimed, killed, or turned gay by aforementioned magical adventures.