Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The revolution we already had was not publicized

Long ago, in a northwest Chicago suburb far away the writers of this periodical had a teenage revolution of sorts.

Those were the angst-ridden days, where in we plotted and planned in our parents mini-van and two-door Le Baron. And someday the jocks will know us and fear us, we would say, cajoling each other into the quiet contemplation of revenge plots that consisted of a future with fame and beauty and general fabulousness.

Mostly, though, there were donuts. And yes, there was anger and vindication the likes of which no donut shop has seen before.

Then there were no blogs, the Internet was just an information super highway on which you drove when you wanted to see naked pictures of celebrities or pick up strange guys in chat rooms. Alas, there was no place for us, N. and K., to pen our manifesto. And now our time has arrived. Let us begin...

I prefer black kittens in orange petticoats because a darker kitty needs some brightness around the face. White kitties also look good in orange. But not gray kitties. It's a huge clash of color/fur combinations, which just isn't palatable to any well-meaning petticoat connoisseur. Ugh. Even thinking about it gives me nightmares.

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  1. what if you were a white kitty with an orange face? what would be a good color to accentuate my beautiful orange fur?